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Landscaping Materials

Referring back to the diagram of space needs, begin finalizing the plan by refining the spaces into definite shapes. Now you are ready to choose materials. Try to choose materials that satisfy as many of your need as possible.

Sometimes non-living materials such as fences are a better choice than living materials such as a hedge. Both materials should provide privacy, but the hedge may require considerable time to grow where the fence provides immediate privacy. Also, if space is limited a fence may be the best solution. Maintenance is also frequently a concern. Usually non-living materials (brick, wood, etc.) require less maintenance than living materials which may require watering, trimming, etc.

One of the major objectives of good landscaping is to create a visual relationship between the house and the site. If your house is already constructed, you can still do a fine job of relating it to the site. Some of the ways this relationship between house and
site may be achieved are:

  • Use plants that are found growing naturally on or
    near the site.

  • Repeat architectural lines of the house in the
    landscape - either with plants or construction such as
    walls, fences, etc.

  • Use building materials that blend well in the natural
    environment or may be found there (for example: a
    wood shingle roof for a home on a wooded site or
    stone retaining walls in an area where the stone is
    found naturally).




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